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Library and Information Science 15: 121-128 (1977)

原著論文Original Article

ブリティシュ・ライブラリー論Some thoughts on The British Library

発行日:1978年3月10日Published: March 10, 1978

The British Library, established as a result of amulgamation of three national libraries and one corporate body in 1973, was organized in the period when national system of information service was making a great change. It was formed along the line of the country's economic nationalisation, and therefore, had a problem-solving character. Nationalisation involves in this case a strong feeling of the participation of international activities, for the requests of scholars will be fulfilled at present only with world-wide network of availability of publications. The main activities of The British Library, research collection, lending, bibliographical services, and research and development, are under the independent leadership of the British Library Board.

This article surveys the present situation and the problems these four activities are now facing.

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