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Library and Information Science 16: 149-161 (1978)

原著論文Original Article

病歴検索システム開発のためのプログラミング言語の評価An evaluation of IR-oriented programming languages for the implementation of clinical record retrieval systems

東京芝浦電気株式会社電算機システム技術部Computer System Engineering Department, Toshiba Corporation ◇ 〒105-8001 東京都港区芝浦一丁目1番1号 ◇ Shibaura 1-1-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8001, Japan

発行日:1979年3月20日Published: March 20, 1979

This paper describes an evaluation of minicomputer-based programming languages from the standpoint of information retrieval technology. Three clinical record retrieval system, namely, a kidney dialysis patient medical system using TOD (time-oriented database) method, a celebral stroke information retrieval system, and a diagnosis-oriented summary system using POS (problem oriented medical system), are shown as the evaluation sample.

At the design stage of these application systems, data elements, data attributes, and data structures are defined and several common functions and algorithms such as string manipulation, tree-structured database filing, logical operation and online feature are extracted.

Secondly, at the implementation stage, the selection and evaluation of the programming languages required for each clinical retrieval application are discussed. The check list chosen from the functions and algorithms is proposed. And such high level languages as COBOL, FORTRAN, APL, MUMPS, and BASIC are compared using the check list. MUMPS is selected as the best suitable language for clinical record retrieval programming.

This type of consideration plays a major role in the design and development of information retrieval systems.

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