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Library and Information Science 16: 197-215 (1978)

原著論文Original Article

読書の手段としての索引「仏像―心と形」索引作成の一事例Book indexing as a tool for reading: A report of an indexing experiment to Butsuzo—Kokoro to katachi as a text

発行日:1979年3月20日Published: March 20, 1979

Butsuzo—Kokoro to katachi (Buddhist statues: The mind and form) by Mochizuki, Sawa and Umehara was tentatively indexed to identify the uses of book indexing as a tool for reading and understanding of the text. Four functions of indexing: verifying tool, stimuli for new ideas, aid for text analysis, and identification of reading processes are tested and reviewed. Though book indexing may be useful so long as the indexing policy is articulate and well fitted to the actual purposes of text reading, generalization and standardization of book indexing techniques are necessary before we can distil the uses of book indexing as a tool for text reading.

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