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三田図書館・情報学会 Mita Society for Library and Information Science
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Library and Information Science 16: 235-251 (1978)

原著論文Original Article

大学図書館利用者教育研究序説「テキサス大学図書館利用者教育総合計画」を中心としてAn introductory study on library instruction for academic libraries with special reference to A Comprehensive Program of User Education for General Libraries, the University of Texas at Austin

慶應義塾大学三田情報センターテクニカルサービス部整理課長Chief, Cataloging Section, Technical Services Department, Mita Library and Information Center, Keio University ◇ 〒108-8345 東京都港区三田二丁目15番45号 ◇ Mita 2-15-45, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345, Japan

発行日:1979年3月20日Published: March 20, 1979

There are increasing evidences that fewer and fewer students in colleges and universities are really able to cope with the complexity of bibliographic systems in the academic library of today. Library use instruction has been regarded as an essential library activity by many Japanese academic librarians. Attempts and devices for the recognition of importance of instruction for use, however, have never been enough successfully implemented in Japanese higher education. The writer reemphasizes needs of practical library user education for successful higher education, and reviews briefly developments of studies on library user education in the United States. Special remarks are made to the comprehensive and well organized program of user education of libraries developed recently at the University of Texas at Austin. To help the reader understand well, a translation of the Program at the University of Texas is attached. It is the writer’s conclusion that Japanese professional librarians are responsible to develope such a program of user education as implemented by the University of Texas Libraries so that the completion of instructional courses will evolve Japanese students’ attitude towards the library and higher education.

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