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Library and Information Science 19: 135-150 (1981)

原著論文Original Article

メロディーによる索引の改善に関する考察Notes on improvement of the indexing of musical themes

発行日:1982年3月25日Published: March 25, 1982

Whatever their forms may be, and whatever they are concerned with, informations should be stored and retrieved in a way most suited to their specific attributes by their subject or keywords, etc. In this respect, musical notes are rarely indexed by their major attribute, “melodie”. Instead, they are usually indexed only by their titles, names of composer, ages of composition, etc. Through a series of surveys made by sending questionair, it was revealed that there are a great need for developing “thematic indexe”. But it is commonly believed that there are no ways of locating musical compositions unless their titles or the names of composer are known.

This paper evaluates some of the existing thematical indices and introduces some ideas towards systematical indexing of musical themes.

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