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Library and Information Science 23: 179-193 (1985)

原著論文Original Article

経済学雑誌を媒介とした日本のエコノミスト集団間における情報の流れ金融雑誌を例としてInformation flow among the Japanese economists: An analysis of financial journals

発行日:1986年3月25日Published: March 25, 1986

The Japanese economist society is said to be composed of those who deal in education and study in their universities and those who are engaged in their resarch and investigation at government offices, financial organizations and private companies. And both types of these economists have their own economist training systems. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the information exchange between the economists belonging to the universities and other economists.

Concretely, the author investigated the construction of financial magazines and author/reader composition by type to clarify the information exchange situation. As a result, it is concluded that communication between economists at the universities and other economists is very limited. Also, although economists at universities give a certain amount of information to other economists and financial organizations, the university researchers seldom entertain information from other economists.

Since a border between “economics study” by the universities and “economy study” by other economists is not distinctive, further exchange of information between these two groups is anticipated.

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