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Library and Information Science 26: 181-201 (1988)

原著論文Original Article

図書館員と利用者間のノンバーバル・コミュニケーションレファレンス・サービスの未開拓領域Nonverbal communication between librarians and users: Undeveloped areas in reference services

発行日:1989年3月25日Published: March 25, 1989

Compared with verbal communication, nonverbal communication is more reliable in terms of verifying users' mentality. It is because of relative difficulty in controlling one's behavior than verbal expression. Therefore, nonverbal communication is most important in conducting reference interview. In this paper, I would like to present what I have examined and analyzed through careful observation of the users' nonverbal behavior (recorded by VIDEO camera) and enquete made among reference librarians of some one hundred thirty librarians of universities and colleges, as to their consciousness toward nonverbal communication.

Following are main findings in brief: (1) It is very effective and fruitful for improvement of reference interview to carefully observe the users' nonverbal behavior and appreciate what they require. (2) While reference librarians are rather conscious of users' nonverbal behavior, they are not so much conscious of their own nonverbal behavior. (3) In order to apply nonverbal communication effectively to reference interview, it is indispensble to train librarians themselves.

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