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Library and Information Science 27: 87-113 (1989)

原著論文Original Article

人的サービスにおける問題関心の推移レファレンス関係文献の分析を通してDevelopmental trends of topical interests in the personal assistance in American libraries

発行日:1990年3月31日Published: March 31, 1990

The aim of this paper is to explore the developmental trends of topical interests in reference service from the biginning of the service to 1980's. For this purpose, 3406 citations on reference service were collected from Murfin's Reference Service: An Annotated Bibliographic Guide, Library Literature, Cannon's Bibliography of Library Economy and others, and a database of reference literature was generated using dBASEIII. The database was used as a source to track the growth of the literature on reference service. A title-based keyward index was also generated using SNOBOL. This index was used for analysis of the words appeared in the title. Through this analysis, the transition of th concept of personal assistance and the state of reference service after 1960's were examined.

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