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Library and Information Science 30: 115-131 (1992)

原著論文Original Article

図書館情報学教育の現状と発展Libraryand information science trends and issues education: Trends and issues

学術情報センターNaional Center for Science Information Systems ◇ 〒112-0012 東京都文京区大塚三丁目29番1号 ◇ Otsuka 3-29-1, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0012, Japan

受付日:1992年9月29日Received: September 29, 1992
発行日:1993年3月31日Published: March 31, 1993

The goals of library and information science education are to improve the quality of information services and the quality of library and information science education. Another obvious goal is the assurance of an adequate supply of professionals, a central purpose of professional education.

Because schools of library and information science are preparing those who will practice a profession, their curricula have to encompass elements of both education and training, which is often expressed as a contrast between theory and practice. Each is affected by the confluence of the social, economic and technological realities of the environment where the learning takes places.

In this paper, the historical background and the current trends of library and information science education in the United States of America, Japan and Korea will be studied from various angles.

In addition, curriculum of the various types provided in these countries, as well as teaching staff in charge of the education will be analyzed and the factors influencing library and information science education as well as library development will be identified.

Finally, some of the present issues that face library and information science education system will be pointed out, and its future tasks and prospect will be examined.

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