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Library and Information Science 30: 77-92 (1992)

原著論文Original Article

情報探索と質問定式化オンライン目録探索を中心にInformation seeking and query formulation: Searching behavior in an online catalog

鹿児島経済大学社会学部Kagoshima Keizai University ◇ 〒891-0191 鹿児島県鹿児島市下福元町8850 ◇ Fukumoto-cho 850, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 891-0191, Japan

受付日:1992年5月30日Received: May 30, 1992
発行日:1993年3月31日Published: March 31, 1993

In this paper, researches on information seeking behavior in a document retrieval system, especially an online catalog are reviewed. The focus of the review is query formulation in information seeking process.

The introduction of an online catalog early in the 1980s in the USA revealed the demand for subject searching of users. As a result, the frequency of subject searching in an online catalog increased in comparison with that of a card catalog. But subject searching caused many problems which were related to the selection of search terms, that is query formulation. So many enhancements and improvements of subject searching have been proposed. Some of them are based on information retrieval researches.

Recently, researches on information seeking behavior in a document’ retrieval system using the theories and the methodologies of cognitive science appeared. These researches revealed the cognitive process of information seeking and query formulation. The findings implies a new typed user-centered document retrieval system.

The user-centered document retrieval system should be explored and designed, apart from the constraints of current document retrieval system. The application of the theories and the methodologies of cognitive science to the research on information seeking behavior of users is useful in exploring user-centered retrieval system.

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