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Library and Information Science 31: 1-23 (1993)

原著論文Original Article

専門用語辞書の「をも見よ」参照に関する調査研究項目間の意味的関係を手掛かりとしてA research of ‘see also’ reference in the terminological dictionary: Using semantic relations between entries

発行日:1994年3月31日Published: March 31, 1994

The purpose of this study is to clarify the nature and functions of ‘see also’ references in the terminological dictionary. In order to accomplish the purpose, we surveyed ‘see also’ references in three terminological dictionaries, using semantic relations between referring entries and referred entries as a key. As a result, we could clarify the following points: (1) major types of semantic relations between referring and referred entries and their quantitative tendencies, (2) correlations between general nature of dictionaries and overall tendencies of ‘see also’ references, (3) some tendencies concerning the directions of references under some semantic relations, and (4) correlations between the nature of dictionaries and the directions of ‘see also’ references.

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