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Library and Information Science 31: 95-131 (1993)

原著論文Original Article

引用調査による専門領域の構造と発展過程の分析心理学「知識の表象」研究を対象としてTracking the specialties and development of research using co-citation maps and citation diagrams: The outline of “representation of knowledge” study in psychology

発行日:1994年3月31日Published: March 31, 1994

This paper suggested a survey of using co-citation mapping and citation diagrams to analyze a particular research specialty. The method was consisted of two steps. The first step is co-citation mapping to track the specialty. The second step is making citation diagrams in each group to clear the development process of research. The discussion about of locating literatures on citation diagrams was proposed. The co-citation map was made on 59 literatures frequently cited (beyond 10 times) by “Knowledge Representation” literature in psychology which was published from 1988 to 1991. In result, the “Knowledge Representation” study was parted to 4 groups: memory, semantic memory and effects of context, text comprehension, and textbooks. The citation flow of the citation diagrams on each group, corresponded with contents of some major textbooks. Besides the co-citation map was evaluated by a psychologist, and it was admitted.

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