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Library and Information Science 33: 39-69 (1995)

展望論文Review article

蔵書管理のための数量的アプローチ文献レビューQuantitative approaches to library management: A critical review

駿河台大学文化情報学部Faculty of Cultural Information Resources, Surugadai University ◇ 〒357-0046 埼玉県飯能市阿須698番地 ◇ Azu 698, Hanno-shi, Saitama 357-8555, Japan

受付日:1995年11月25日Received: November 25, 1995
発行日:1996年3月31日Published: March 31, 1996

Many quantitative studies have been made to solve some problems of library management, which includes selection of periodicals, weeding of old materials, purchasing of added copies and etc. Also, bibliometric studies of which application area is intended to be the library management are considered to be included into such quantitative studies. This paper reviews their research results, and discusses limits or drawbacks of quantitative methods proposed by them. In particular, we focus on several topics as follows: 1) ranking of periodicals by citation or use data, 2) Bradoford’s law, 3) deselecting periodicals, 4) obsolescence of monographs and volumes of periodicals, 5) method for weeding of monographs proposed by R. W. Trueswell, 6) stochastic model of library circulation, such as one based on a theory of Poisson process.

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