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Library and Information Science 36: 45-50 (1996)

短報Brief Communication

インターネットにおける情報の関連性に関する考察Vannever Bushのmemexとの比較The study of information relationship on internet: Comparison with Vannevar Bush's memex

発行日:1998年3月31日Published: March 31, 1998

Information on the Internet has the characteristic that information has non-sequential or non-linear relationships, i.e., links. Many discussions on the Internet have pointed out this characteristic of its information. And in this context. Vannevar Bush's memex has been referred to as the WWW's conceptual origin. Moreover, some even argue that the Internet is the realization of memex. However, in those discussions, the reasons are not presented. In this study, the characteristic of information relationship is compared with the non-sequential and non-linear relationship of information, i.e., trail, of memex. The differences of structure as well as in nature of the information relationship between WWW and memex have been examined. The essential differences between those two are identified as a result.

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