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Library and Information Science 46: 1-36 (2001)

原著論文Original Article

公共図書館の最適規模に関する実証的研究Empirical study for optimal size of public libraries

大東文化大学文学部Faculty of Literature, Daito Bunka University ◇ 〒175-8571 東京都板橋区高島平一丁目9番1号 ◇ Takashimadaira 1-9-1, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-8571, Japan

受付日:2003年2月26日Received: February 26, 2003
受理日:2003年6月18日Accepted: June 18, 2003
発行日:2003年7月31日Published: July 31, 2003

Although the problem of library size is one of the classical issues in the field of library science, there has been very little direct discussion on it. Then, the purposes of this paper are to suggest methodologies for defining optimal library size in the viewpoint of efficiency, and to verify the applicability of those.

In this study, two different methodologies were conducted using the statistical data of Japanese public libraries past four years (1997–2000). Actual analysis was performed in two levels, which is municipal-level and service point-level. It was found that the concept of library’s efficiency isn’t consistent one. Because optimal library size also differ, when the combination of variables are differed, even if it used the same methodology.

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