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Library and Information Science 52: 43-86 (2004)

原著論文Original Article

暗黙の選択基準市町村立図書館における新聞・雑誌所蔵Hidden selection criteria of magazine and newspaper in public libraries in Japan

亜細亜大学司書課程(非常勤講師)Asia University ◇ 〒180-8629 東京都武蔵野市境五丁目4番10号 ◇ Sakai 5-24-10, Musashino, Tokyo 180-8629, Japan

受付日:2004年11月24日Received: November 24, 2004
受理日:2005年3月20日Accepted: March 20, 2005
発行日:2005年7月25日Published: July 25, 2005

The purpose of this study is to clarify the selection criteria which public libraries in Japan tacitly employ. These criteria are determined 1) by calculating the number of libraries which hold each title of the newspapers and magazines examined, and 2) by examining the results in relation to the characteristics of the titles. In total, the newspaper and magazine holdings of 435 public libraries in Ehime, Shiga, Aichi, Kanagawa and Chiba Prefectures were examined.

The study demonstrated that the users’ demand do not necessarily have priority in selecting newspapers and magazines. Rather, the overall initial reputation of a title is more important. Other factors which influence the selection include originality, genre, ideology and means of distribution. On the other hand, magazines with the pornographic, discreditable, or explicitly commercial characteristics were relatively less selected, but not altogether excluded from collection.

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