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Library and Information Science 71: 27-50 (2014)

原著論文Original Article

アメリカの大学図書館におけるサブジェクトライブラリアンSubject librarians of college and university libraries in the United States of America

嘉悦大学情報メディアセンターInformation and Media Center, Kaetsu University ◇ 〒187-8578 東京都小平市花小金井南町二丁目8番4号 ◇ Hanakoganei-Minamicho 2-8-4, Kodaira, Tokyo 187-8578, Japan

受付日:2013年2月16日Received: February 16, 2013
受理日:2014年2月2日Accepted: February 2, 2014
発行日:2014年6月20日Published: June 20, 2014




Purpose: This paper describes the history, current situation and roles of subject librarians in college and university libraries in the United States of America.

Methods: First, through a review of the literature, the history of subject librarians and related experts in university libraries of the United States was clarified. Second, in order to examine the current situation and working circumstances of subject librarians, the websites of some university libraries were checked. More specifically, lists of subject librarians were found on websites and analyzed to compare their roles between types or categories of university.

Results: In the early days, subject librarians appeared in the United States to deploy the subject divisional plan and to promote area studies in universities. It became clear that the status of subject librarians had become well established by the 1960s as the task of selecting books shifted from faculty members to librarians, due to the postwar increase in the number of students and publications. The subject librarians usually were responsible for collection development, reference services, research consulting, library instruction, and liaison service. Since the 1980s, the selection of electronic resources, chat reference and so on were added as new tasks due to the appearance of the online environment and electronic resources. This survey found that the system of subject librarians has been adopted by most libraries at research universities, but small- or medium-size libraries tend to have liaison librarians serving only individual departments.

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