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Library and Information Science 9: 521-531 (1971)

原著論文Original Article

生物・環境・情報Organism, environment, and information

発行日:1971年9月1日Published: September 1, 1971

In the field of information science, information is stored in manuscripts, printed materials, recorded discs, magnetic tapes, etc., in forms of letter, picture, sign, symbol, etc. Considering from the side of users of information, it reaches to a man as such sensation as light, sound, pressure, substance, etc., which is recognized scientifically as physical phenomena and/or chemical substances. These phenomena and/or chemical substances are treated inside of man as his genetic information and his stored information acquired by learning.

In the case of the mankind, information reaches to and is treated in all living organisms in the same way.

In the fields of the life sciences, the environment of an organism is recognized as those phenomena and/or substances that actually hold relations with that organism. Inside of an organism, these physical phenomena and/or chemical substances are treated as its genetic information and stored information.

Thus, it can be considered from the point of view of a life scientist that information to an organism means the environment of that organism. The writer of this paper discusses some of his opinions concerning information and the environment of the organism.

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