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Library Science 3: 181-190 (1965)

原著論文Original Article

主要一般分類法における文化人類学の位置The position of cultural anthropology in major general classifications

発行日:1965年7月1日Published: July 1, 1965

The writer compares DC, NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification), UDC, LC and BC from the standpoint of cultural anthropology, to examine what position is given to cultural anthropology, how related subjects are scattered, and how extensively the needed topics are covered. DC is far from satisfaction. Its fatal defect is found in the very vague distinction between cultural anthropology and physical anthropology. NDC is better than DC in that cultural anthropology is treated in Social Sciences, although the relation with folklore is not clear. UDC surpasses both DC and NDC in the classification of languages together with the provision of the common auxiliaries of race and nationality. LC is far better than any of the foregoing three in grouping the subjects which compose cultural anthropology. And BC excels the others both in the arrangement and the coverage of component subjects.

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