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Library Science 3: 221-227 (1965)

原著論文Original Article

件名構成の一試案船舶の種類名を中心としてA trial method of constructing subject index on names indicating kinds of ships

発行日:1965年7月1日Published: July 1, 1965

As systematic approach of one kind or another is usually adopted in the field of science and engineering, it is believed of importance to establish some kind of similar approach to constructing a subject indexing system. As a trial of preparing an indexing tool the writer chose things related to ships and vessels putting emphasis on the analysis of terms indicating the kinds of ships. At the same time, he tried to find a concrete form of preparing an index by which component elements of names of various kinds of ships could be retrieved effectively. For the above study, he utilized a few indexes and journals from which he obtained the basic terms and more specific terms as the objects of analysis. In the first chapter, he made analysis of those terms and discussed the stability of certain characteristic compound words. In the second chapter, he tried to tackle the problem of formulating relation between the subject terms and the kinds of ships.

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