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Library and Information Science 88: 25-47 (2022)

原著論文Original Article

戦後新教育における初期図書館教育モデルThe Early Library Education Model for the New Curriculum in Japan after World War II

東京大学The University of Tokyo

受付日:2022年4月2日Received: April 2, 2022
受理日:2022年7月25日Accepted: July 25, 2022
発行日:2022年12月30日Published: December 30, 2022




Purpose: This study analyzes cases in which library education was proposed and implemented to position the school library in the curriculum for educational reform during the early postwar period.

Methods: We conducted a literature study during the period focusing on the perceptions of library education according to the discussions and practices of the Ministry of Education and experimental schools.

Results: The chapter entitled “Guidance on how to use books and libraries” in the School Library Guide (1948) was embodied as Elementary School Library Education (1949) based on a practical study at the First Normal School Attached Elementary School of Tokyo Gakugei University. This embodiment was replaced by Library Education (1952), which was written by the Library Education Study Group led by Ichiro Sakamoto, a professor at Tokyo Gakugei University. This book presented a library education model that connected his own reading instruction theory with books and library use instruction which had been imported from the United States. This model was verified through practical activities in various schools and discussions on the Book Education magazine. But after the San Francisco Peace Treaty(1951), he argued that reading instruction was more suitable for the national curriculum. The teacher librarian enacted by the School Library Act of 1953 provided just part-time task for teachers while the national school curriculum shifted into a systematic method of learning. Thus, school libraries became associated only with reading instruction, such that the library education model demonstrated in the School Library Management Guide was irrelevant to the school scene at the time.

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